The Era Voider
The Era Voider is a new Play 2 Earn NFT on Binance Smart Chain. The game is centered around Raid dungeons, conquer enemies, earn loot to earn our token $TEV. All game items & characters are tradable tokens that can be traded on a 3rd party marketplace.

Play 2 Earn

Taking what we have learned from developing active & idle games on Ethereum & BSC we strive to bring the best Play 2 Earn experience to players. Collect, Train,Win Duel,Loot & Trade no matter what your play style this are multiple ways to earn more $TEV in game. Every time you train one of your CREATURES or raid your enemies or slay them you are able to mine more $TEV based of your level & rarity.

Making NFTs FUN!

Many any NFTs today are collatable avatars or art pieces, and don't get us wrong we love our punks & kitties as much as you do. However we wanted to find a way to showcase what can really be done on the block chain with NFTs. There are so many ways you can work game theory into in NFT and make it a more immersive and tradable item & that is our long-term goal.
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